Emergency Water Purifier Straw

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The water purification straw

Filter fineness: 0.01μms
Capacity: 1000L
Dimensions: 18.5*3cm
Material: ABS plastic, Fiber film , carbon fiber
Uses a 0.01um Ultra filtration membrane cartridge, it remove 99.9% harmful bacteria like coli bacillus, legionella, salmonella. Keeping your water safe.water filter uses Physical filtration, no chemicals inside. Can be connected with water bag or bottles, makes it a convenient option for many people.


Usage Method:
(1)Put the bottom of the water straw into the water,sip from the mouthpiece.When the water is too far to touch, connect and put a hose into the water.
(2)Can be connect with the water bag, or bottle, then press the bag or bottle to drink.
(3)Use the hose to connect a reserve water bag, filtering the water by water pressure, making it suitable for multi-users.
(4)can also choose to press filter, clockwise unscrew the pressurized water pipette, one hand holds the upper part, another hand holds the bottom part,then pull up and down, making it easily used in pressure filtration.

Matters needing attention
(1) filter cleaning only with water backwash,to wash out captured contaminates. do not use detergent or disinfectant.
(2) water temperature exceeding 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit), should be avoided in use.
(3) Select clear water sources, use this product to filter, such as water is very turbid, can wait for impurities after precipitation filter.